Friday, January 13, 2012

Osechi Ryori - A Japanese New Year Tradition

Last night Nancy and I attended a fundraising dinner in Japantown in San Francisco sponsored by the San Francisco Japantown Foundation. The dinner featured osechi-ryori,
a special set of Japanese dishes generally consumed only as part of the celebration of the new year. Nancy and I had enjoyed those dishes when we lived in Japan, but had not had them for some time.

The event was held on the top floor of the New People building and we had a full house.

After a welcome and some preliminary comments, we enjoyed a performance by the San Francisco Taiko Dojo led by the group's long time leader, Seiichi Tanaka.

As can be seen in the following video, the performance included an unexpected artist, namely Consul General Hiroshi Inomata who was called up to the stage by Tanaka-sensei to take a turn on the drums and did a wonderful job.

Then it was time for dinner, and what a dinner it was.  As shown below, we enjoyed a full range of
osechi ryori, many prepared by the folks at Delica in the San Francisco Ferrybuilding, as well as a number of sakes provided by True Sake.

The evening also gave Nancy and me a chance to see our old friend, Hats Aizawa, who was recently awarded the Japanese government's Order of Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.

It was a well-deserved recognition of the contributions that Hats has made to the Japanese-American community for many decades.

Kotoshi mo yoroshiku!

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Anonymous said...

Hey osechi ryori dishes are only served in the beginning of year. You mean there is no restaurant in San Francisco in which osechi ryori dishes available throughout the year.

John from Store Hours