Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Locavore Cheese and Beer

Alex, Pat and I attended our latest SF Cheese School class last night - this one focusing on cheeses and beers from Northern California. It was taught by Sheana Davis who lives up in Sonoma and from whom we have taken classes before. It was a good class -- see the below photo:

We had enjoyed several of the cheeses before, although I particularly enjoyed two that we had for the first time last night:

"Sierra Mountain Tomme," an aged goat milk cheese from La Clarine Farms in Somerset up in the Sierras.

"Gravestein Gold," a cider-washed goat milk cheese from Redwood Hill Farm.

Of course, the Harley Farms goat cheese with the tomato basil topping was not bad either!


The Cheeses
  1. Delice de la Vallee – Cow & Goat – Sonoma
  2. Andante Dairy, Pianoforte – Cow
  3. Bellwether Farms, San Andreas – Sheep
  4. Harley Farms, Tomato Basil Torte
  5. La Clarine Farm, Sierra Mountain Tomme – Goat
  6. Matos Cheese Factory, St. George – Cow
  7. Redwood Hill Farm, Gravenstein Gold – Goat
  8. Vella Cheese Co., Mezzo Secco – Cow
  9. Cowgirl Creamery, Red Hawk – Cow
The Beers
  1. 21st Amendment – Watermelon Wheat
  2. Magnolia Brewery – Deep Elem Dubbel
  3. Lagunitas Brewing Co. – Lucky 13
  4. Marin Brewing Co. – San Quentin’s Breakout Stout
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