Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Visit to LA - Park BBQ

At the end of this past week the Squire Sanders partnership meeting was held in LA and, following the meetings, I took advantage of being down there to pop over to Santa Monica and spend Saturday night and Sunday with Andrew and Connie. Sunday was a beautiful day and we started things off with breakfast at Snug Harbor just down the street from their apartment.

We then drove up for a visit to the Getty from which the view was pretty spectacular.

However, the most memorable thing for me about the visit was the fantastic Korean barbecue we had at Park BBQ in LA’s Koreatown on Saturday night. Andrew had consulted before our dinner with a couple of friends who were knowledgeable about the Korean BBQ situation in LA and they had recommended Park and one other spot.

It was the best Korean BBQ I have ever had. We started off with a selection of the traditional banchan side dishes, then proceeded to the meat. We ordered the beef tongue, short ribs and bulgogi, which turned out to be almost more than the three of us could eat. It was all washed down with Hite beer.

Each meat dish was sufficiently different from the others to keep things interesting. The short ribs were particularly interesting in that they came in a slab attached to a bone at one end.

They were grilled in that form, and then the waitress came by and cut the large pieces of meat up into bite-sized pieces with a scissors.

Here is an excellent
post by Exile Kiss regarding a visit to Park BBQ, and here are two good videos which illustrate the action.
~ Tongue
~ Short ribs

We had excellent service. It seemed like one of the waitstaff was always there to help us and they changed the grills for every dish. I really look forward to the next chance to visit.

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