Monday, March 8, 2010

Back from New York

Nancy and I just returned from a great trip to New York. In addition to the chance to visit Rob, Janet and Cece, and to stay with our friend Lisa, we also enjoyed fabulous early Spring weather and some wonderful meals, primarily on the Upper West Side where all of them live.

Here is a
video that Rob put together from one of our outings with Cece down to the lower East Side to visit the High Line and Chelsea Market.

Among my favorite things that we had to eat were:

1. $1 oysters at Mermaid Inn during happy hour (photo below);

2. Bacio gelato at
GROM with Gianduja chocolate and Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from Piemonte;

3. Rosso di Langa cheese at our
Italian Wine Merchants cheese tasting;

4. Almond croissant at Margot Patisserie next to the Ansonia;

5. Scrambled eggs with lox and onion at
Fairway Market;

5. Daikon Duck Hash at
Barbao (photo below); and

6. Orecchiette, house made pork sausage & broccoli rabe at

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