Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally! A Visit to Tony's

Although I am not that much of a pizza fan, I have heard very good things about the pizza at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana at the corner of Union and Stockton facing onto Washington Square in North Beach. The other night after our Italian class, my tutor, Antonio (who had just returned from spending the holidays at home with his family just outside of Salerno), our son, Alex, and our friend, Yutaka, decided to give it a try.

The food was quite good, with the best dish by far being their famous Pizza Margherita, of which they prepare only 73 each evening – first come, first served. I am not sure where that particular number came from but happily we got there in time to score two of them.

The pizza was very well prepared with a thin, crispy crust, although perhaps a bit too much olive oil for me. Of course, when you have someone from Campania with you at a pizzeria, you have to be prepared for unfavorable comparisons with the pizza to be found in Napoli – in particular with that at Da Michele, the pizza gold standard.

Perhaps a visit there one day.

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