Sunday, January 31, 2010

BS at Barbacco

I was back twice more to Barbacco Eno Trattoria this past week with two different groups. Although they were not on the menu on my earlier visits, a Brussel sprouts (Cavolini di Bruxelles) dish with garlic, lemon, and some of Barbacco's own pancetta, has since appeared and we had it on both of our most recent visits.

Everyone who tried it – even avowed Brussel sprouts haters – agreed it was fantastic. I am not sure how they make them, but they must first steam or boil them to partially cook them and then fry them to finish them off. A definite must have on any visit!

I have seen that similar dishes are apparently served at a few other Italian restaurants around town (e.g. SPQR and Delarosa) and would welcome any comments from anyone who has had them elsewhere. I also welcome any comments as to whether this may be a traditional Italian preparation for Brussel sprouts.


coverage said...

Lauren from Rivera PR here. We represent both Beretta and Delarosa which offer brussel sprout dishes, and I wanted to share comments from Executive Chef Ruggero Gadaldi regarding different Italian preparations.

At Delarosa, raw brussel sprouts are deep fried and served with caper aioli, perfectly suited to pair with beer. This simple preparation goes well with casual & uncomplicated food. Beretta's version is sauteed and served with caper sage aioli; giving the sprouts a complex flavor. The preparation style you choose depends on your mood and the food style of your meal.

gastronomichael said...

Dear Lauren: Thank you for your comment. Both preparations sound very tasty. A friend was back at Barbacco today and said that she was told they use duck fat for the preparation at Barbacco which adds a further element. Some of the leaves end up quite crispy which is part of the appeal for me. Is Chef Gadaldi's preparation based on any particular Italian regional tradition? It seemed that they may be somewhat similar to the fried artichokes (Carcioffi Fritti or Carciofi alla Giudea) that I understand are a speciality of Rome. BTW, another friend was at Delarosa yesterday for the first time and had high praise. I will have to get over there soon! Ciao.

connie said...

Hi Mike and Nancy: Thank you both so much for yet another uber-relaxing and artery-clogging weekend! Barbacco's sprouts are seriously tasty; thanks for introducing them to us! If we go again I might demand a whole bowl all to myself.