Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cinco di Mayo @ Cotogna

Although it may not have been culturally appropriate for the day, I was back at Cotogna for lunch on Thursday, the most recent of a number of recent visits. Is there any treatment available for pizza addiction?  Once again the dish was superb – the topping of the day was guanciale and ramps, with a whole egg added in the middle at the very end so it maintained its runny yolk.

The amazing thing was how well the flavors and textures were sequenced. First came the crust with just a touch of flour and char. Then the sweet tomato sauce and cheese kicked in, followed by the small rendered chunks of guanciale with their salty, porky notes and chewy element. And finally the slightly garlicky ramps added a bite at the end.

Unlike the normal “pie” cut, for this dish the pizza was given a tic-tac-toe cut leaving a square in the middle upon which the egg was nestled. As a result I was able to eat my way entirely around the circumference with the growing expectation of enjoying the the egg at the very end. Finally it was time to strike….

This one was a no-brainer for enshrinement in the Cotogna pizza hall of fame.

I expect to return soon.

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