Monday, February 21, 2011

Always in Good Hands at Angelino’s

A few days ago I went to lunch with a visiting friend at Angelino’s along the waterfront in Sausalito. Pasquale Ancona, Angelino’s owner was there, and told us to leave ourselves in his hands. A wonderful lunch ensued – fresh squid braised with beans in a spicy tomato sauce, followed by spaghetti simply prepared with some sautéed diced vegetables and topped with grated cured tuna heart. Sadly I did not have my camera with me.

Yesterday I was back at Angelino’s for lunch, and again went with Pasquale’s recommendations from the day’s specials – a classic comfort food meal:

~ Polenta with a braised pork shoulder topping;
~ Lasagna with mozzarella, scamorza affumicata, sausage and meatballs; and, for dessert
~ Budino with a spash of caramel.

Everything was excellent. The lasagna was particularly good with the smoked flavor of the scamorza added just the right touch. Pasquale referred to it as "treccione" - meaning "braided" in Italian - since it braided in the production process. Note to file: when Pasquale is there don't even bother with the menu.

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