Friday, May 7, 2010

CIBO’s First Anniversary

Today marked the first anniversary of the opening of Tera and Alfredo Ancona’s CIBO in Sausalito, and happily it was a beautiful day from the very start.

Since it opened a year ago, CIBO has become one of my favorite weekend hangouts. I normally spend a couple of hours there on Sunday morning on my way to the gym, studying Italian and enjoying both Tera’s ever-changing pastries (after all, I am going to the gym!) and their excellent Blue Bottle coffee.

To celebrate today’s anniversary CIBO offered free drip coffee all day. Further, starting for a couple of hours at 8:30 when I wandered by, Vien Dobui, one of the official trainers for Blue Bottle coffee, was there with Alfredo offering shots of three of Blue Bottle’s seasonal single origin offerings:

~ Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Natural
~ Brazilian Chapada Diamantina
~ Colombian Mesa de los Santos

paired with a sampling of Tara’s handiwork -- muffinettes, airy cookies made with an eclair-like dough, and mini versions of CIBO’s polenta pop tarts with fruit filling.

A great way to start the day, and what better place to hang out on a Spring morning with the brick walls lit by the sun streaming through the windows.

Plus, only a couple of days to go before my next visit on Sunday morning!

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