Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baker Extraordinaire!!!

Every Sunday morning when I am home I wander down the hill to CIBO on Bridgeway which opens at 7:00AM. I love to start my day there with a cup of their great Blue Bottle coffee and one of their many tempting pastries.

Much of the high quality of CIBO’s pastries is due to the work of Tosha Callahan, and this morning Tosha mentioned that she has her own website:
Tosha Bakes Cakes. I highly recommend a visit, although I warn you do to so only on a full stomach.

My current CIBO addiction – sadly probably only seasonal – is to Tosha’s pumpkin cheesecake. In fact I have to confess that I had to make a second stop at CIBO this afternoon for a piece since a warm apple popover had distracted me this morning. At least I was on my way to the gym.

I am usually not a fan of cheesecake, but I highly recommend that you give this one a try. Apart from the great pumpkin flavor, it has a perfect balance – not too sweet, not too dense – and has an excellent crust.

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winecountry woman said...

WOW I have had the pastries at CIBO too whenever I am in Salsalito.

I especially like the fruit galettes.

There is something for everyone's taste there.

I also have seen a flier at my work advertising specialty cakes Tosha bakes as special orders for those special occasions. Check out her blog soon, It is so exciting to see sometime so into her work!.