Monday, June 1, 2009

A Celebration of Connie and Andrew!

Sunday evening was the main course (in more ways than one) of our trip to LA – the opportunity to get together with Connie’s extended family, and Andrew and Connie’s friends, to celebrate Connie and Andrew's marriage last month. Happily on Saturday their marriage license had arrived in the mail so all was official!

A group of about 80 of us gathered at the Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, Robert, Janet and Patrick were not able to make it, but Aunt Ellen joined us to bolster the Moyle ranks.

Cooper Carras, the wedding photographer who had accompanied Andrew and Connie to Buenos Aires last month, was also there to take more pictures. After a series of more formal family photographs we got down to the business of eating.
Even before we managed sit down at the tables and get to the formal menu, a roast pig arrived to tide us over during the reception.

The ears and snout were crispy and quite tempting (especially in light of my recent pig head adventure), but, keeping in mind the need to make a good impression on Connie’s side of the family, I managed to restrain myself.

Connie had planned a fabulous dinner of - OMG - THIRTEEN courses.

The dishes just kept coming throughout the evening as we whispered words of encouragement to each other and admonitions to “pace yourself”. Of course, it did not help that at our table we had a few extra dishes off the menu in light of the alergies Andrew and Alex have to certain seafoods!

Andrew and Connie circulated among the tables during the evening entertaining the gathering by periodically responding to the clinking of glasses with a kiss.

We are very lucky to have Connie as a member of our family and to joined with the Sung family.

I hope for more such dinners between our families in the future!


connie said...

Andrew looks rather frightened in the marriage license photo ... Perhaps reality just sunk in?

Great posts, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the weekend; we certainly did.

andrew said...

I look frightened ... to be awake!