Friday, April 3, 2009

A Day at the Sakata Seed 2009 Pack Trial

Each year flower breeders and marketers throughout California participate in the California Pack Trials in which each participant presents its new flower varieties at its facilities. One of my long time clients is Sakata Seed, and earlier today I had the chance to visit their Salinas Research Station to catch the last day of the Trials.

Happily it was an absolutely perfect day in Salinas and the flowers were at their best. One of the things that constantly amazes me is how the Sakata technical personnel are able to get all the flowers to bloom at the same time. I guess it helps to have a humongous greenhouse.

After a very nice lunch we had a chance to wander around the large display area and take a close look at the flowers. Sakata is particular proud of the SunPatiens variety they have developed - the first impatiens flower which can take full sun and high heat. In addition, I understand it absorbs five times as much carbon dioxide as any other similar bedding plant - no doubt a candidate for Federal stimulus funding!

Sakata's SunPatiens

With Some Long-Time Friends - Hide Takahashi and Paul Bennett

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Nancy said...

How beautiful. Love the gerbera you brought home.