Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sardigna in San Francisco - Procededdu

I was sitting at my desk earlier this month when an email arrived announcing "La Ciccia's Winter Event: Suckling Pig! La Ciccia's staff is getting ready for this upcoming event on January 26. The pig has been ordered and the menu' is set....." That is what I regard as a call to immediate action. Happily I was able to score four seats for the dinner and without too much difficulty lined up three fellow pork lovers - Antonio, Tom and Robert - to join me for the evening.

La Ciccia (appropriately signifying "chubby" in Italian) is a wonderful restaurant located where Church runs into 30th in Noe Valley section of San Francisco. It is owned by a husband and wife - Massimiliano ("Massimo") and Lorella - who do a superb job of presenting authentic Sardignan cuisine - Massimo being from Cagliari on the south coast of Sardigna [incidentally the name of the island is "Sardigna" in Sardignan dialect, "Sardegna" in Italian and Sardinia in English - your choice].

"Su menu" for the evening was:

~ Ingaungiu de Terra (salumi and pickled vegetables)
~ Malloreddus a sa Campidanesa (Sardignan semolina gnochetti served with pork meat sugo and Pecorino cheese)
~ Procededdu Arrustiu (roasted suckling pig served with Sardignan-style raw vegetables)
~ Trutta de Arrescottu (Sardignan ricotta cheese cake)

Those dishes were accompanied by generous quantities of Vermentino di Sardegna and Cannonau di Sardegna.
Everything was great. Apart from the pork, I really like the Malloreddus a sa Campidanesa which even has a hint of saffron - see a receipe here. Massimo and Lorella, thanks for another wonderful experience!

Ingaungiu de Terra

Malloreddus a sa Campidanesa

Massimo and Friend

Procededdu Arrustiu

Nothing wasted - la testa, con lingua, cervello, ecc - yummy!

Tom, not too close, NOT TOO CLOSE -- ohhhh, nnoooooooooo

Trutta de Arrescottu

Happy and well-fed porkophiles

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