Friday, August 8, 2008

Tribu Grill

A report on our dinner last night at the Tribu Grill in San Bruno. A very nice spot - not at all fancy but a nice relaxed feel to the place and a lot of families with kids present. They have very limited parking - just three spots - but we were all able to park fairly nearby on El Camino.

I am afraid Miharu, Masumi (our client who had lived for a while in Manila) and I went a bit overboard on both overall quantity as well as the fried food ratio, but I thought everything was pretty good. Plus we all had some goodies to take home! We enjoyed:

~ Lumpia Shanghai (Fried Spring Rolls)
~ Chicharon Bulaklak (Pork Chitlins - slow roasted then quick fried; see photo above)
~ Kare-Kare (Ox Tail and Beef Brisket Stew in Peanut Sauce)
~ Crisp Pata (Leg of Pork - braised, slow roasted then deep-fried)
~ Ginataang Kalabasa and Sitaw (Squash, Longbeans and Shrimp in Coconut Sauce)
~ Binagoongan Fried Rice (Fried Rice with Pork Cooked in Fish Paste, Tomatoes, Scrambled Eggs and Chopped Mango)

With my fondness for the less-often used cuts, I particularly enjoyed the Chicharon Bulaklak. The Binagoongan Fried Rice was a wonderful combination of flavors pork, bagoong, tomatoes, scrambled eggs - even mangos - and a vivid presentation. Frankly that dish by itself may have been enough for the three of us!

Bottom line, I would certainly recommend the place and would like to return sometime.

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